Hey there; welcome to Sunshine Stickers! Here I offer handmade stickers created with love.  Each order is carefully crafted by me personally, and I love it when you order something. These stickers are great as gifts for friends and would also look amazing on your possessions. Many of the sticker designs are inspired by things in my life that I love. I hope these stickers shine brightly into your lives and bring you joy!

🌞kayla joy


My name is Kayla, and I am the teen owner and founder of Sunshine Stickers. I love art, designing, and of course, stickers, hence my little business here. I also have a blog that goes along with Sunshine Stickers. When I’m not watching movies or reading, you can usually find me hanging out with friends, singing, or making smoothies. I am a child of God and saved by grace through faith. I create all my sticker designs myself, and so far I have loved the experience! My mom and older sister supervise me as I go on crazy sticker-making adventures. Click on that “follow” button over on the right to join me! [learn more about me on the about page]

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